Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Club: "Rising Tide" by Lynn Steigleder *Spoiler*

I have recently started a book club in my area and was contacted by a local author prompting his book. I am all about supporting local authors and accepted a copy of his book. We scheduled the first meeting for this past friday and started reading "Rising Tide". Oh boy did we have a hard time reading this book.

"Rising Tide" is a fiction book based before the start of the new world. It is one of three books with Ryan "Adam" and Eve. It starts out at the end of the world and beginning the new world with Adam and Eve. The back of the book does not describe what the book is actually about at all and is very misleading.

The group agreed that we did not care for this book. We all felt that he did not do a great job of mixing religion and sci fi and that it felt more like a rough draft then an actual book. It had a great idea going just not perfectly executed and missed a lot of detail of the characters. We all agreed if he had given his idea to a different author with more detail that the book had a chance at being really good.

Now I am one for Love stories but not when it happens with in a minute of meeting someone. I was very disappointed by that aspect and even more so that they were married within a day of meeting each other. Even worse they killed of the only character that you actually start to like!

I don't want to ruin your choice to read it, something I don't like you might. However I would not suggest this book to any of my friends. Here is some reviews on Good Reads that you can take a look at! If you do decide to read this book I hope you enjoy it more then I did.

Our next book will be "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot. The first few chapters have started out great so hopefully I will have a better review for you!

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