Monday, December 23, 2013

Crochet Can Cozy: A Hunter's Dream

Almost Christmas and Im still working on gifts for the family. Yes I admit I am a procrastinator. Today I'm whipping up some of my Basic Can Cozy's for my Dad and Step Father. You can find the pattern in my etsy store, Basic Can Cozy Pattern.

I'm doing two cozies each and making it hunting themed. Repeat Crafter Me has an adorable Crochet Reindeer Applique Pattern that I used on a solid color cozy. The Other one I did was with a camo colored yarn. Here's the finished Reindeer one, I used a cotton sugar & lilly yarn for this!

Of course I'm giving this with a six pack of their favorite beer!

Here's two camo ones I did in the past, His & Her Camo Red Heart Brand!

What do you all think?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Basic Crochet Beanie Pattern 6-12 month old

Hello all, Sorry I have been MIA for so long now! My crocheting business has taken off and on top of staying home with a very active 1 year old (growing so fast!!) I have barely had time to think!

I wanted to stop in and wish you all Happy Holidays and share my basic beanie pattern for a 6-12 month old, I use this for all of my hats! A little late to use for gifts but I hope it's of some use to you all.

6-12 month Beanie
Red Heart Yarn
Hook I9/5.5mm

Row 1: MR 10 HDC, close SL ST to first, in black
Row 2: HDC 2 in each around (20)
Row 3: *HDC, HDC 2 in next* x10 (30)
Row 4: *HDC in next two, HDC 2 in next* x10 (40)
Row 5: *HDC in next three, HDC 2 in next* x10 (50)
Row 6: *HDC in next 24, HDC 2 in next* (52)

Row 7-17: HDC around. CH 2 (52) FO

Heres a few finished products! All of these were made with that basic Beanie pattern:

If you are not a crocheter and are looking for a handmade hat in your size stop on into my Facebook page and take a look!

Any questions on the pattern just ask and I will help you the best I can. Enjoy!