Sunday, July 7, 2013

DIY "Redneck" Wineglasses

So our favors for the wedding is mason jar drinking glasses. So I wanted to pick up some "Redneck Wineglasses" the bridal party. However in the store they run about $20 for a set and we are trying to save anyway we can. So how hard can it be to make them  myself!

I picked up two candle stick holders from the dollar store, used some mason jars from our favors, and picked up a thing of Loctite super glue. The mason jars are $9.99 for a case of 12 (about $.85 for one), $2 for both candle sticks, and about $3 for the super glue. So lets just call it $4 to make one!

The great thing about the loctite super glue is that it is clear and you wont see a yellow circle in between the two. And who doesn't love a mason jar as a drinking glass!

All you do is put a circle of glue on the bottom of the mason jar and a line around the top of the candle stick. Let sit for a minute before connecting the two. Place the candle stick onto the mason jar and leave sitting for 24 hours. Tada! Heres the finished product!

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