Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bathroom Decorating

I have been working on the final touches of our upstairs bathroom while trying to give it that personal touch that I love. Looking around at what I have left to do I came upon a basket holding all my hair clips and ties. Why not fix it up to match the bathroom colors!? Our color theme in the bathroom is brown, white, and yellow.

 Here is before and after photos:

Huge difference right? It only took about two hours and thats with the paint drying time. Turned out cute too! 

First I cut the handle off. I couldn't remove the pins because the top row would have come undone. So I cut the handle at the top and the piece broke around the pin! I put a small dot of hot glue to hold the pin flat on the outside.

Be very careful cutting, the handle was hard to cut. 

Then choose your color of choice, mine was brown. It took two coats to cover all of the blue, and only one coat on the inside since no one will be inspecting it... I hope! I found that a stiff bristle paint brush worked better to get in all the cracks of the weaved basket.

Then make sure to let it dry al the way. I'm very impatient and tried doing the ribbon before the basket was dry and got wet paint on the ribbon (and my jeans!). So be sure to wait for it to dry!

I plugged in the hot glue gun and waited for it to warm up.

Start with a small drop on one side and attach the ribbon. I used four small drops, one on each side. Before gluing the last spot of the ribbon I folded the end over and secured it with a small amount of hot glue then glued it to the basket. Makes it look a little bit cleaner.

Hope you like! Its great how you can turn some old find into something amazing. 
I've got a few more thing to do in the bathroom and will be sure to share it with you guys!

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