Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ipod Mini Crochet Case

Mother's day is Sunday and we are trying to save money so I figured I would handmake a gift for my mother. I know she loves her Ipod and I have been wanting to make an Iphone case so I am testing out my first pattern. 

Here is what you will need:
G needle/ 4.25mm
size 4 yarn, 2 colors
thread and neddle

Front & Back:
ch 10 
SC in 2nd from hook sSC across, ch turn (9SC)
repeat for next 15 rows (total of 16 rows)
Finish Off, make two

I used Salt for the Spirit's small heart pattern for the front and sewed a button in the middle for the closing loop

Connect front and back with same color or color of heart (your choice). I first tried it with the blue border but didn't like it. So took it out and did it in rose and like it much better.

SC across top (9SC), hold back and front together SC two more SC in the 9 SC to make corner, SC 16 down the side connecting front and back. On each corner SC 3 to make the turn.

when you get to the top of the back piece SC 4, chain 15, skip next SC and SC across last 4 SC finish off and sew the tail.

You can alter the pattern to make one for a normal Ipod as well. Have Fun!

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