Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY Sunflower Balls

I found the above photo on pinterest linking back to afloral.com and fell in love with these styrofoam balls for a porch decoration for our upcoming wedding. So of course my first thoughts are I can make these my self, I seem to have this thought a lot! Hello DIY sunflower balls.

I switched it up a bit and bought the mini sunflowers from afloral.com (1.5 inches across and 21 heads per stem for $2.50) and bought some 4 inch Styrofoam balls from Michael's ($3.99). When the order came in I removed all of the sunflower heads from the stems.

I then painted the styrofoam ball a dark yellow paint so that I wouldn't have to put the sunflower heads so close together and could make more styrofoam balls. I put the ball on a plastic cup to keep from paint getting everywhere! You don't have to cover every inch perfect with the paint, just get some color on it.

Then heat up the hot glue gun and get ready to glue!

Push the sunflower head onto the Styrofoam ball and hold it for a few seconds so the flower head sticks where you want it. Repeat until the ball is covered with the sunflower heads. The great part is you can place them as close as you want and make it exactly how you want it. 

For our wedding I will put an eye hook (as the husband calls it) and some string to hang around the buffet area, which just happens to be the basement of our barn. But for now I've displayed them on some mason jars with a heart in chalk board paint (a future DIY post).

Have fun!

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