Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cayenne Lime Mushrooms

So I am trying to eat healthier during the day instead of snacking all day. I stay home with my son and am very picky about what he eats but lately I've been letting myself snack away. When he gets older how am I supposed to tell him no while I am doing it myself right? So for my "snack" today I decided on mushrooms but didn't want to eat them raw.

Here's what I came up with! Cayenne Lime Mushrooms

I squeezed half a lime into a frying pan and added a drop of olive oil. Tossed in the mushrooms and sprinkled minced garlic and cayenne and cooked until soft with a lid over it. I didn't measure anything out but the cayenne is strong so only use a little unless you like it hot.

It turned out amazing for me! Enjoy

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