Monday, July 8, 2013

Small Crochet Sunflower (Pattern included)

Our "real" wedding ceremony will be August 24 with a large reception. We live on an adorable farmette with a few acres of land, What better place to have our wedding right? So we are trying to keep the price as low as possible while making it the wedding of our dreams, the normal goal of every bride and groom.

I figured I can crochet roses so how hard can making my own sunflowers for the wedding be? Turns out not that hard at all! Thanks to my bridesmaid/best friend she has made this super easy by doing the normal size sunflowers and Im making the small ones.

I used Coats Crafts Sunflower Crochet Pattern to make the normal sized sunflowers for my centerpieces and bouquet for my wedding. I used Simply Soft yarn to make them and had to use fabric stiffener to keep the petals from curling up since the yarn is so thin.

I also needed some smaller sunflowers that looked just like the bigger ones. So I adjusted the Coats Crafts pattern to fit what I needed. There are a few differences from the pattern: its smaller, a different needle/yarn size, and instead of using the piece of cardboard for the centerpiece I used a bit of stuffing to make it "puffy."

Here's the pattern, let me know if you have any questions!

Center (brown)
Piece #1
SC 8 in Magic Ring
2 sc in each sc, 16 sc around.
Finish off

Piece #2

SC 8 in Magic Ring 
2sc in each sc, 16 sc around
SC piece #1 to Piece #2, 16 sc
Stuff the inside with a little bit of stuffing before SC all the way around
finish off

Petals (yellow)
SC in SC of center piece
ch 6
SC in second from chain, DC in next 3, sc in last slip stich in next sc in center piece
repeat step 2 & 3 around, should have 16 petals
Finish off

The end project will look like this, this is both the normal size and smaller one.


  1. I have tried and tried to locate the pattern for the large sunflower, but apparently Coats and Clark no longer has it on the website. Do you PLEASE have a copy to share? Thank you so very much!

  2. Im sorry I do not have the original pattern. I tried googling it and couldn't get it either.

  3. I know this is almost a yr later but, I too went hunting for the Coats & Clark original pattern for the Sunflower and couldn't find it on the "new" Coats site (UK)...

    But I did manage to find the Patons Yarn PDF for the original...YAY! I thought just in case anyone else comes looking for it...I'd share =)

    Be sure to save the PDF...this way you won't have to go hunting again.

    Amber...your crochet Sunflower is beautiful!

  4. Above link not found. Please help. Thank you

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  6. What size crochet hooks for large & small