Monday, August 19, 2013

In Loving Memory

Sorry for going MIA this past month. We lost my baby brother on July 16 in an unexpected motorcycle accident and I have not had much drive to work on crafts or wedding things. Which I am now kicking myself for, 5 days to go and so much to do! He was 22, would have been 23 on August 31, and a great guy all around. We held his funeral on July 20th and the funeral home was packed full to where people couldn't even come into the building. 

Since the passing of my brother came so close to the exchange of our vows and reception I decided to put together a small "In Loving Memory" table. We will have pictures of the family member's we lost as well as a candle and little saying typed out. 

I went to Frans Candles and looked through the verses and poems until I found something I liked. I have typed it up on put it into a frame. Heres what it says:

Today we pause to reflect upon

those who have shaped our character,

molded our spirits and touched our hearts.

May the lighting of this candle be a

reminder of the memories we have shared,

a representation of the everlasting

impact you have made upon our lives.

I took a mason jar, frame, and nice decorative bottle and spruced them up a little bit with some lace and twine to keep with the country/vintage feel of the wedding. 

For the frame I hot glued the twine around the frame in a indented part, I did five rows or until the indented part was filled completely. For the mason jar I choose a wide piece of lace and hot glued it to the jar then did a few rows of twine. For the candle holder/decorative bottle I hot glued a few rows of the twine at the top and stuck a candle in.

The flowers in the mason jar is dried baby's breath covered with glitter. It makes a huge mess but so pretty!

I hope you all like the idea and if your looking for ideas I hope you find a verse or poem that fits for your loved one from Frans Candles Memorial Verses.

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