Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baby Finger Food Error & Solution: Banana & Wheat Germ

Hey guys! So my little eggplant is now 9 months old! As he grows he is becoming more independent. So we are now introducing some finger foods to his diet, today was banana's. Well i learned very quickly that all they did was slid around on his high chair tray, which he enjoyed immensely but was still fussing for food.

So as I was going to grab some pureed food and do it the old fashioned way when I saw the box of wheat germ I just bought and figured why not? I chopped the banana slices into 3rd's tossed them in a small amount of the wheat germ, just enough to cover, and gave to to the little one. I used untoasted, all natural wheat germ that I got at Weis for $1.99 a box!

He loved it! Still made a mess but he ate them like crazy and was super happy. A easy fix, too! Hope your little ones enjoy!

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