Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn Wreath

Cool mornings, leaves falling, beautiful reds and yellows... It's official Fall is here!

I decided to give making a wreath a try for this season! I remember seeing a pin somewhere for a wreath with burlap or fabric stuck into a foam circle. So I decided to try one like that and after a trip to the craft store I had all the materials ready. However the project took a turn from what I had thought up but turned out even better then I had imagined.

I already had plenty of burlap left over from the wedding and the hot glue guns. When I went to get the burlap I saw some pretty fall looking fabric I got from a sale awhile back and thought why not! So here is what you need:

floral wreath foam circle
Fall flowers (optional)
hot glue & gun
fabric or burlap, Id say I used about 1/2 a yard
ribbon (optional)

First step is to cut the burlap and fabric into squares about 2 inch by 2 inch. Depending on how tight you want the "ruffle" side to look depends on how many squares you need. You can either make the entire wreath ruffled or you can do half like I did. It will make the ruffled half heavier then the rest so it tips a little once you hang it.

Use the tips of the scissors to put holes in the foam circle then put a drop of hot glue into the hole. Wrap the fabric around the tip of the scissors and push fabric or burlap into hole. Continue this until you have the desired look. I mixed in some fabric squares with the burlap ones.

If you choose to only do partial you can then wrap the rest in fabric or burlap like below.

After adding the leaves and pumpkin (which took a lot of hot glue) it turned out pretty darn good!!

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