Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Basic Crochet Beanie Pattern 6-12 month old

Hello all, Sorry I have been MIA for so long now! My crocheting business has taken off and on top of staying home with a very active 1 year old (growing so fast!!) I have barely had time to think!

I wanted to stop in and wish you all Happy Holidays and share my basic beanie pattern for a 6-12 month old, I use this for all of my hats! A little late to use for gifts but I hope it's of some use to you all.

6-12 month Beanie
Red Heart Yarn
Hook I9/5.5mm

Row 1: MR 10 HDC, close SL ST to first, in black
Row 2: HDC 2 in each around (20)
Row 3: *HDC, HDC 2 in next* x10 (30)
Row 4: *HDC in next two, HDC 2 in next* x10 (40)
Row 5: *HDC in next three, HDC 2 in next* x10 (50)
Row 6: *HDC in next 24, HDC 2 in next* (52)

Row 7-17: HDC around. CH 2 (52) FO

Heres a few finished products! All of these were made with that basic Beanie pattern:

If you are not a crocheter and are looking for a handmade hat in your size stop on into my Facebook page and take a look!

Any questions on the pattern just ask and I will help you the best I can. Enjoy!

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